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You don’t know what it is, but it roams through space on the back of a meteor. Something brilliant that seems to travel through time. Has it made it to earth? Not for centuries - at least not to our knowledge… until now.

It’s 1893, and a French chemist examines fragments of a meteorite found in a crater in the palm of his hand. A dusty rock has traveled across sea and land to meet him, making its journey all the way from Arizona. His name is Dr. Henri Moissan, and he is about to uncover the world’s most brilliant gem®. It is in these fragments where he discovered it – the first crystals of silicon carbide, which would later go on to take his name as the first ever created Moissanite.

MoissaniteBoule of Raw Silicon Carbide, which will later be cut and polished to gem quality Moissanite.

Back then it was a new mineral never before seen, today Moissanite is shaking the jewelry industry as the colorless gem with the most fire and brilliance of any other gem on earth. Still impossibly rare, it was a miracle Moissan ever uncovered it.

After spending his remaining years attempting to re-create this rare mineral in a laboratory, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that moissanite had ever been successfully created. In collaboration with Cree, Charles & Colvard® sold the very first lab-created moissanite in 1998. Charles & Colvard® has since gone on to form an entire industry surrounding this beautiful gemstone, distributing to fine retailers and introducing finished moissanite jewelry through

The mystery of moissanite remains to this day. Some still mistake it for diamond, even professional jewelers, but it is not. Although it is almost as hard as diamond, moissanite has 2 times the fire of diamonds, and far more brilliance. It’s properties - both aesthetically and scientifically - make it a unique gemstone all its own, with a beauty and versatility that is unsurpassed. Meet moissanite, truly the world's finest gem.


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