According to Diamond Cutters International, there are symbolic meanings attached to some of the most popular cuts. What does your favorite say about you?

ShapeSymbolic Meaning
Diamond Shape Meanings
Round cut diamond; Copyright Zelfit at
The classic round shape is the most popular. Like a wedding band, the circular shape of the diamond represents love without end.

Women who prefer it are usually drawn to its traditional romance, and they themselves are honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative. They can also be a little reluctant to accept change.
Oval cut diamond; Copyright Sellingpix at
This oval is nearly the same as the traditional round, but it shows a bit of creativity and individuality. The similarity to an egg shape may also represent fertility or a desire for children, but it is a stable and faithful diamond shape.

Women who prefer this shape are fairly traditional, but they do like to cut loose a little now and then.
Pear cut diamond; Copyright Zelfit at
The elongated pear shape shows a woman to be an individual, yet she still has a soft side for traditional romance. She may be a trend-setter with this unusual shape, although the teardrop shape may also be a prelude to tears of sorrow or joy.

The woman who chooses this shape tends to set a high standard for herself and everyone around her. It can be difficult living up to her expectations so she must make an effort not to go overboard, especially with her mate.
Emerald cut diamond; Copyright Sellingpix at
Emerald diamond shapes are old fashioned, yet they exude quiet elegance and coolness. The open style of the cut with its clear depths is also symbolic of an open heart and personal clarity.

Women who choose this cut have a very good sense of who they are, and they don't particularly look for approval from others. This woman wears her diamond, instead of allowing her diamond to wear her.
Princess cut diamond; Copyright Apttone at
A princess cut demands attention with its extravagant glitter, and the woman wearing one may be willing to take risks and act as a leader.

The woman who chooses this shape is not likely to shrink from the spotlight. She revels in the attention she receives from her admirers, and she brings a sense of excitement to nearly everything she does.
Radiant cut diamond; Copyright Akkaranant at
The blend of facets in a radiant cut is flirty and trendy, as are the women who choose this unusual diamond shape.

Women who choose the brilliance of a radiant cut are very much like those who love the princess cut diamond. They radiate almost as much sparkle as the gem they are wearing.
Marquise cut diamond; Copyright Zelfit at
The flashy marquise shape indicates a desire for opulence and glitter, since the shape is specifically designed to make the diamond look larger than it really is through optical tricks of dimension. A marquise shape preference, then, may indicate a superficial attitude toward wealth or a desire for extravagant appearances.

Women who are drawn to the marquise cut tend to be a tad more concerned with status. They must keep in mind that it's what's on the inside that truly counts.
Asscher cut diamond; Copyright© Zelfit |
The unique Asscher shape highlights a woman's desire for drama while appealing to a vintage style. Like the emerald shape, it also indicates clarity of person.

This cut was created by Joseph Asscher for King Edward VII, so the woman who chooses it likely exudes a bit of a royal air herself.
Heart cut diamond; Copyright Rozaliya |
The heart shape is a symbol of pure romanticism, although the strong shape also borders on fantasy and sentiment that may detract from the steady romance of a real marriage.

Women who prefer this shape tend to look at the world through a rose colored lens. They can be disappointed when the reality of daily life takes over after a fairy tale wedding and honeymoon are over.

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